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Museum Railway in Vennesla, Mandal Town Museum, the working factory museum at Sjølingstad Uldvarefabrik. Krambua now functions as a reception, shop and café. The churches are all part of the. Otredal deanery, originally called Torridal, was created when it was carved out of the three neighboring deaneries of Råbyggelaget, Mandal, and Vestre Nedenes. It includes Vennesla municipality (in Vest-Agder) and the municipalities of Bygland, Evje og Hornnes, Bykle, Iveland, and Valle (in Aust-Agder). In 1905, the Tveit parish was moved back to Torridal. 20/6 15/8 2016: Mom-fri. 2 The parishes of Austre Moland, Flosta, and Stokken were merged to form the parish of Moland effective 3 Aust-Nedenes prosti edit This deanery covers the northeastern part of Aust-Agder county including the municipalities of Gjerstad, Tvedestrand, Risør, Åmli, and Vegårshei.

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Currently our collections cover a long period of time. The shop is open throughout the year (Monday-Friday) Sjølingstad Uldvarefabrik Sjølingstad (8 km vest for Mandal) Sjølingstad, 4513 Mandal Phone: Facebook Brochure Sjolingstad Uldvarefabrik Vis større kart Lista Museum was established in 1921. In the middle of the loungers, «crankophones» have been installed, where you can listen to «Summer memories from the south coast of Norway (Sørlandske sommerminner while the children enjoy a trip in the rowing boat. The deanery was named Vestre Nedenæs until when it was renamed Vest-Nedenes. Plan og miljø hekte dayton Stedsutvikling, friluftsliv, arealplanlegging, vannforvaltning, arkitektur, bokvalitet, viltforvaltning, innlandsfisk. Reflect a family home through five generations. The spirit of days gone by still linger in these buildings where yarn, fabrics and blankets are produced on the old machinery, driven by our water power station with a turbine from 1913 A visit to Sjølingstad Woollen Mill Museum during the summer season gives. Atmospheric pressure: (hPa cloudiness: mandal in different languages, mandal (German, Norwegian, Dutch, Italian, Danish, Polish, English, Portuguese).

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At Odden, you will find an installation which consists of sun loungers and parasols. In the museum building, there is an exhibition of Norwegian rose painting traditions in Vest-Agder. On the first floor, you can visit the Skibsplast exhibition. This list of churches in Aust-Agder is a list of the, church of Norway churches in, aust-Agder county, Norway. Make up your own song with cries of gulls and sounds from the waters edge. From 7 years and upwards.

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